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Animal Control

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The Town of Wiscasset's contracts with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office for service. To report an animal complaint call 882-7332.

Incidents handled by the ACO include animals at large, noise complaints, injured animals, nuisance complaints and animal bites.

If a person encounters an animal they consider dangerous, they should immediately report the incident to the ACO through the Lincoln County Sherriff's Office 882-7332. They should also seek immediate medical treatment or advice when needed.

Dog owners within the Town of Wiscasset are required to license their dogs in January of each year through the Town Clerk’s Office or online Dog License. This is not only a State law, but it is also used as a means to control and identify dogs. It is also important to ensure that all dogs have received inoculations against rabies. Proof of rabies vaccination must be shown at the Clerk’s Office before issuance of a license.