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Economic Impact of Wiscasset Municipal Airport (KIWI)

April 10th, 2024

Economic Impact of Wiscasset Municipal Airport (KIWI)


MaineDOT regularly commissions studies on the Economic Impacts of Airports in Maine. These studies investigate the overall economic impact of all airports in the State and the individual impact of each airport. Attached are summaries from their last two studies, 2006 and 2022, for Wiscasset. Below are excerpts from their studies:

Wiscasset Airport is a general aviation airport located on Chewonki Neck Road.

Although open year-round, it is unattended from January to March. The Airport offers regular hours of attendance throughout the rest of the year. The Airport features a single asphalt runway, 07/25, which is 3,397’ by 75’ and has medium-intensity edge lights. It sells and offers 24-credit card fuel operations for 100LL and Jet-A fuel types and provides hangars and tie-downs for aircraft parking.

In 2022, the airport had 31 aircraft, including 28 single-engine planes, two multi-engine airplanes, and a helicopter. Estimated aircraft operations totaled 7,200, with 3,800 local, 3,100 itinerant, 25 military, and 275 air taxi operations. The airport serves as an access point for the Midcoast region and is a popular destination for tourists seeking maritime experiences, historical sites, scenic coastal views, and Maine’s renowned seafood. The airport accommodates aviation for tourism, business, emergency healthcare, and personal flying. (2022 Maine State Aviation System Economic Impact Analysis)

Economic Benefits

Wiscasset Airport brings economic value to the area through its air transportation function. In 2022, the total economic impact was $1.61 million, supporting 11 jobs and contributing $56,800 in State and local taxes. (2022 Maine State Aviation System Economic Impact Analysis)

Budgetary Impact

The Proposed FY 25 Budget has no tax impact on Wiscasset taxpayers. It includes $138,452 in Revenues and $114,577 in Expenses, with an overall net contribution to the Town of $23,875.

In summary

For a town of its size, Wiscasset has a remarkable infrastructure that benefits its local businesses. (2006 Maine State Aviation System Economic Impact Analysis)